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    1. Ecombine Advanced Materials CO., Ltd. is an innovative company, engaged in development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced rubber compound materials.Jointly founded by MESNAC, EVE Rubber Institute and YiYuan Investment at 2014, Ecombine has became an integrative manufacturing base to industrialize the ATCM (Advanced Tire Compound Manufacturing) technology which is initiated by EVE Rubber Institute.

      Combined this pioneer technology with synthetic rubber technologies and advanced nano-filler manufacturing technology, Ecombine eliminates some upstream and downstream manufacturing procedures, minimized the energy consumption and process discharge of within, to deliver ecological and high performance rubber compound materials for customers all over the world.

      ?All Rights Reserved ECOMBINE Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. | NO.43Zhengzhou Rd,Qingdao,Shandong,China P.C.266042 TEL (0532)68862865 | ICP No.15040918


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